Admissions Criteria
Students interested in applying to the Designated Emphasis in Writing, Rhetoric and Composition Studies need to be admitted through one of the affiliated PhD programs (see list of these on our About page).  These PhD programs serve as the students' home departments during their graduate studies.  When students apply, they should note in their application materials their intention of enrolling in the DE in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies.

Once students are enrolled in one of the affiliated PhD programs, they need to complete a Designated Emphasis Application Form (available from Graduate Studies).  Students are encouraged to complete their application process to the DE during their first year of graduate study, although applying in the second year is also possible. Students must apply to the DE before taking their qualifying exams, as at least one member of the DE affiliated faculty must serve on the student's qualifying exam committee.  Students also need to submit a letter of application to WRaCS through the program chair to explain their interests in and preparation for graduate-level study in WRaCS.