Graduates with the Designated Emphasis in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies have gone on to a range of related careers.

Name Affiliated Program Year Dissertation Dissertation Committee  Current Employment/Occupation
Amy Lombardi Education 2022 Hidden in Plain Sight?  The Effects of Content-Evaluative Stance Markers on Readers’ Attitudes and Perception of Author Stance in Persuasive Text Dana Ferris (Chair, UWP); Vaidehi Ramanathan (Linguistics); Laura Aull (University of Michigan) Media Analyst at Ads Fontes Media 
Dani Ahuicapahtzin Cornejo  Native American Studies 2022 Confronting Erasure: Educational Challenges and Interventions that Empower Intertribal Youth in the Bay Area Liza Grandia (Chair, NAS); Ines Hernandez-Avila (NAS); Dan Melzer (UWP) Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies at Diablo Valley College 
Stacy Wittstock Education 2022 Reflections in Funhouse Mirrors: Using Institutional Ethnography to Understand Constructions of “Remediation” in a Basic Writing Program Trish Serviss (Chair, UWP);
Cynthia Carter Ching (Education);
Kory Ching (UWP);
Dan Melzer (UWP)
Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Department of English, UNLV
Sophia Bamert English 2021 Plotting Race: Narrative Form and Urban Racial Geographies

Hsuan Hsu (Co-Chair, English); Matthew Stratton (Co-Chair, English); Mark Jerng (English)

Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer in the Engagements Core Curriculum at the University of Virginia
Diana Recouvreur Education 2021 Building Pathways in California’s Corrections to Education Pipeline: Striving Towards Sustainability at California Community Colleges Michal Kurlaender (Chair, Education); Gloria Rodriguez (Education); Rebekka Andersen (UWP) Education Program Consultant
DJ Quinn Education 2020 Passion,
Compassion, and Professionalization: 
A Digital Ethnography of Online Professional Development for Faculty Teaching Writing-Intensive Courses

Carl Whithaus (Chair, UWP); Dan Melzer (UWP); Jennifer M. Higgs (Education)

Lecturer, University Writing Program, UC Davis
Alexandria Rockey Education 2020 The Ecology of Feedback in an Online STEM Course

Carl Whithaus (Chair, UWP); Dana Ferris (UWP); Rebekka Andersen (UWP)

Instructional Designer, Bakersfield College
David Coad Education 2019 Teaching Rhetorical Strategies through Social Media: A Qualitative Study of FYC Instructors and Students

Carl Whithaus (Chair, UWP); Cynthia Carter Ching (Education); Amber Buck (University of Alabama)

Lecturer, Department of English, Santa Clara University
Becky Kling English 2019 Civil Ghosts: Transatlantic (Il)literacy and Personhood

Elizabeth Miller (Chair, English); Kathleen Frederickson (English); Mark Jerng (English)

Lecturer, Department of English & Comparative Literature, San Jose State University
Aaron Lanser Education 2019 Community and Identity in the Academic Borderlands: Digital Underlife Among First Generation College Student Writers

Carl Whithaus (Chair, UWP); Dana Ferris (UWP); Chris Thaiss (UWP)

Lecturer, English Department, Cal State Stanislaus
Tori White Comparative Literature 2019 Petrarchizing Genders and Genres in English, Italian and Spanish Literatures Margaret Ferguson (Co-chair, English), Juliana Schiesari (Co-chair, Italian and Comparative Literature), Frances Dolan (English), and Michael Subialka (Comparative Literature) Coordinator for Success Coaching and Learning Strategies, Office of Educational Opportunity and Enrichment Services (OEOES), UC Davis
Michele Zugnoni Education 2019 Encouraging Empowerment Through Expression: Creation of a Self-Reflective Writing Group for First-Generation College Students Chris Thaiss (Chair, UWP); Carl Whithaus (UWP); Nancy Pearsall (UWP) Assistant Professor of Instruction, Northwestern University
Matthew Zajic Education 2018 Assessing Attention and Engagement During Writing in High-Functioning, School-Age Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Peter Mundy (Chair, Education); Christopher Thaiss (UWP); Megan Welsh (Education); Steve Graham (Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University) Assistant Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University
Katie Evans Education 2017 Engaging undergraduate writers: A study of motivational dynamics in the second language writing classroom Dana Ferris (chair, UWP); Vaidehi Ramanathan (Linguistics); Chris Thaiss (UWP) Lecturer, University Writing Program, UC Davis
Kendon Kurzer Education 2017 Writing in Economics Classes: Departmental Practices and Multilingual Student Challenges Dana Ferris (chair, UWP); Chris Thaiss (UWP); Michelle Cox (Cornell University) Lecturer, University Writing Program, UC Davis
Kenya Mitchell Education 2017 The Deleted Drafts Chris Thaiss (chair, UWP); Paul Heckman (Education); Mary Soliday (San Francisco State) Academic Writing Consultant at The Dissertation Lab
Manuel Senna Education 2017 Variations in Support for Second Language Writers: Lessons from Top International Student Destinations Dana Ferris (chair, UWP); Carl Whithaus (UWP); Chris Thaiss (UWP) EFL Lecturer at Fukuoka University, Japan
Katherina Sibbald Education 2017 Tyranny in the Mirror: Critical Reflections on Literary Talk with High School Juniors in Writing Conferences Kerry Enright (chair, Education); Steven Athanases (Education); Sarah Perrault (UWP); Danny Martinez (Education) Adjunct Professor, English and Education, Sonoma State University
Rusty Bartels Cultural Studies 2016 War Memories, Imperial Ambitions: Commemorating WWII in the U.S. Pacific National Park System Robyn Rodriguez (chair, Asian American Studies); Caren Kaplan (American Studies); Sarah Perrault (UWP) Assistant Teaching Professor in Writing Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition at Syracuse University
Jenae Cohn English 2016 The Books that Bind Us: Remediation of the Printed Book as Social Practice in the 21st Century Carl Whithaus (co-chair, UWP); Evan Watkins (co-chair, English); John Marx (English) Executive Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, UC Berkeley
Michal Reznizki Education 2016 Doctoral Preparation in Rhetoric and Composition:  Understanding Postsecondary Teacher Education Dana Ferris (chair, UWP); Christopher Thaiss (UWP); James Jerry Murphy (English)  Lecturer, UC Berkeley
Mary K. Stewart Education 2016 Interactive Learning in Technology-Mediated First-Year Composition Courses: A Grounded Theory Study of Small Group Discussion and Peer Review Carl Whithaus (chair, UWP); Chris Thaiss (UWP); Rebekka Andersen (UWP) Associate Professor of Literature and Writing Studies, Cal State San Marcos
Hogan Hayes Education 2015 Mapping the Writing Resources Present as Students Transition into Upper Division Course Work in the Biological Sciences Dana Ferris (chair, UWP); Carl Whithaus (UWP); Lee Martin (Education) Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Composition in the English Department at Sacramento State University
Kelsey Krausen Education 2015 District Leadership and the Politics of Portfolio Management in an Urban School District  Thomas Timar (co-chair, Education); Michal Kurlaender (co-chair, Education); Carl Whithaus (UWP) Senior Research Associate, WestEd, Comprehensive School Assistance Program
Tara Porter Education 2015 Success and Sustainability of Writing-across-the-Curriculum Programs Chris Thaiss (chair, UWP); Carl Whithaus (UWP); Dan Melzer (UWP) Self-employed, Web Developer
Grant Eckstein Linguistics 2014 Ideal versus Reality:  Student Expectations and Experiences in Multilingual Writing Center Tutorials Dana Ferris (chair, UWP); Vai Ramanathan (Linguistics); Chris Thaiss (UWP) Associate Professor & Associate Chair, Department of Linguistics and English Language, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Sarah Klotz English 2014 Sentimental Literacies: Grief, Writing, and American Indigenous Rights Carl Whithaus (co-chair, UWP); Mark Jerng (co-chair, English); Hsuan Hsu (English) Associate Professor & Director of Rhetoric and Composition, English Department, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts 
Miki Mori Linguistics 2014 Negotiating Ownership when Incorporating Outside Sources: A Qualitative Study with Multilingual Undergraduate Students Julia Menard-Warwick (chair, Linguistics); Dana Ferris (UWP); Vai Ramanathan (Linguistics) Associate Professor of Linguistics at the Centre Universitaire de Formation et Recherche (CUFR) de Mayotte
Aparna Sinha Education 2014 Exploring Directed Self Placement as a Placement Alternative for First year College Students in Writing Classes Chris Thaiss (chair, UWP); Carl Whithaus (UWP); Karen Watson-Geogeo (Education);  Kory Ching (UWP) Associate Professor, Culture and Communication, CSU, Maritime Academy
Joanna W. Wong Education 2014 What to Write: Elementary Bilingual Students Writing in a Second Language Christian Faltis (chair, Education); Dana Ferris (UWP); Karen Watson-Gegeo (Education) Associate Professor & Elementary Education Program Coordinator, Department of Education and Leadership in the College of Education, California State University, Monterey Bay
Juliet Michelsen Wahleithner Education 2013 High School Teachers’ Instruction of Writing:  Negotiating Knowledge, Student Need, and Policy Steve Athanases (chair, Education); Carl Whithaus (UWP); Michal Kurlaender (Education)  Associate Professor, Literacy, Kremen School of Education & Human Development, CSU Fresno & Co-Director, San Joaquin Valley Writing Project
Betsy Gilliland Education 2012 Talking about writing: Culturally and linguistically diverse adolesecents' socialization inot academic literacy Kerry Enright (chair, Education); Dana Ferris (UWP); Chris Faltis (Education) Associate Professor & Undergraduate Chair, Department of Second Language Studies, University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa
Linda Florence Matheson Comparative Literature 2012 Divinely Attired Brenda Schildgen (chair, Comparative Literature) and Susan Kaiser (Textiles & Clothing/Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies) Lecturer, Comparative Literature & Textiles & Clothing, UC Davis
Shannon Pella Education 2012 A Situative Perspective on Developing Writing Pedagogy in a Teacher Professional Learning Community Chris Thaiss (chair, UWP); Christian Faltis (Education); Karen Watson-Gegeo (Education) Assistant Professor, English Language Development and Bilingual/Biliteracy in Secondary Education. College of Education: Teaching Credentials, Sacramento State University
Brenda Rinard Education 2010 The Persuasive and Evaluative Essays of Adolescent English Learners: How Context Shapes Genre Chris Thaiss (chair, UWP); Kerry Enright (Education); Dana Ferris (UWP) Continuing Lecturer, University Writing Program, UC Davis