As you'll see from the profiles below, the doctoral students pursuing a designated emphasis in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies at UC Davis have a wide range of interests and expertise.  

Wendah Alvarez

Started the program in 2016
Email Address:
Home Department: Native American Studies
Research Interests: Native American literature, poetry, social justice, humanizing research, inidgenous pedagogies, language studies, poetic rhetorics, and genre writing   
A.S. Nursing, Natural Science and Biological Science, Sierra College
A.A. in English and Humanities, Sierra College
B.A. in English with Minor in Native American Studies, UC Davis 
M.A. in Native American Studies, UC Davis
Teaching Experience:
  • Teaching Assistant: UC Davis Winter and Spring Quarter SY 2017-18, NAS 01.
  • Associate Instructor: NAS 5 SY 2018-19.
  • Guest lecturer:
    • Sierra College: Intro to Ethnic Studies
    • UC Davis: NAS 188 and NAS 01 SQ 18.
Why did you choose the DE in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies?
I'm interested in the rhetorical moves in literature and how it has been used to perpetute the dimunitve perception of the oral tradition. With that being said, I am also interested in composition pedagogy that invites emerging English speaking students to write.

Sophia Bamert

Bamert.jpgStarted the program in 2014
Email Address:
Home Department: English, Hsuan Hsu (primary advisor)
Research Interests: American literature, urban studies, critical geography, race studies, literature and environment, cultural rhetorics, composition pedagogy
B.A. with Highest Honors in English and Environmental Studies, Oberlin College (2013)
M.A. in English, UC Davis (2018) 
Ph.D. in English, UC Davis (in progress)
Teaching Experience:
  • Teaching Assistant, UC Davis (2015-16) 
  • UWP 1 Instructor, UC Davis (2016-18) 
  • Visiting Lecturer, American Studies, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany (2018-19)
Why did you choose the DE in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition?
I believe that writing is essential to learning and am committed to highlighting composition in all of the courses I teach. The WRaCS DE has allowed me to deepen my knowledge of composition pedagogy as well as draw connections between my research and my teaching practice.

Jennifer Burke Reifman

medium_BurkeReifmanImage.jpgStarted the program in 2018
Home Department: School of Education, Carl Whithaus (primary advisor)
Research Interests: Teachnology and writing, digital literacies, basic writing and writers, community college students, composition pedagogy, writing program administration
B.A. in Journalism and Anthropology, SUNY Purchase (2008) 
M.A. in English Composition, SFSU (2013) 
Ph.D in Education, UC Davis (in progress)
Teaching Experience:
  • San Francisco State University (2011-2014)
  • Contra Costa Community College (2013-2014)
  • Bucks Couny Community College, Community College of Philadelphia, Rowan College (2014-2018)
  • UC Davis (2018-present) 

Garrett DeHond

garretdehond.jpgStarted the program in 2010 
Email Address:
Home Department: School of Education
Research interests: Second language writing, feedback and revision, first-year composition, technology and writing
B.A., English; Temple University, 2003
M.Ed., Education, TESOL; Turabo University @ Penn State - Abington, 2012
Teaching Experience:
  • K-12 ESL, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, South Korea (2007 - 2009)
  • 7-12 English Language Arts, School District of Philadelphia (2009 - 2012) 
  • University Writing Program, UC Davis (2013 - 2014)
  • Institute for Language Education and Research, SeoulTech (2014 - Present)
Why did you choose the DE in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition?
Second language writing in first-year composition is my chief research interest here at UCD. The WRACS DE allows for multidisciplinary exposure to both theory and practice within my interest areas. I also feel fortunate to be surrounded by brilliant minds in the faculty and graduate student body associated with WRACS, both of which will be valuable assets for developing my academic career.

Becky Kling

beckykling.jpgStarted the program in 2011
Email Address:
Home Department: English
Research Interests: Nineteenth Century Literature, Rhetoric & Composition, Critical Theory, Prison Studies, Gender Theory 
B.A., English, Gettysburg College, summa cum laude
M.A., English, Lehigh University, summa cum laude
Teaching Experience
  • Teaching Assistant, 2011-2012
  • UWP 1 Instructor, 2012-2015
Why did you choose the DE in writing, rhetoric, and composition studies? 
I chose the DE in writing, rhetoric, and composition because of my interests in pedagogy and literacy and because it was the area of focus that best enabled me to build bridges that could strengthen both my work as a scholar and as a teacher.

Aaron Lanser

lanser.pngStarted the program in 2010
Email Address:
Home Department: School of Education, Carl Whithaus (primary advisor)
Research Interests: Informal digital writing, identity and community in online settings, genre formation in new media texts, borderlands rhetorics and third space communication, critical pedagogy in college writing classrooms
A.A., Modesto Junior College
B.A., English, Stanislaus State
M.A., Dual Concentration in Literature and Rhetoric & Teaching Writing, Stanislaus State
Ph.D. Candidate, UC Davis
Teaching Experience:
  • Stanislaus State University (2004-present)
  • UC Davis School of Education and University Writing Program (2010-2017)
Why You Chose the DE in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition:
I study student digital communication as it exists online and on their phones. The DE has helped deepen my understanding of how students communicate and respond informally to each other on their digital devices and how these behaviors interact with their “formal” writing development in college classes.

Amy Lombardi the program in 2016
Email Address:
Home Department: Linguistics, Dana Ferris (primary advisor)
Research Interests: Writing and English as an Additional/International Language, Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines, Rhetoric and Propaganda, Media and Information Literacy, Public/Civic Discourse
A.A., Santa Rosa Junior College
B.A., Latin American Studies, UC Santa Cruz
M.A. English with TESOL emphasis, San Francisco State
Teaching Experience:
  • De Anza College: Composition, ESL, and Introduction to Linguistics.  
  • UC Davis: UWP 22, UWP 23
Why did you choose the DE in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition?
WRaCS allows me to study Linguistics within the applied contexts of Text Analysis and Genre-based Writing Pedagogy

DJ Quinn

Started the program in 2015
Email Address:   
Home Department: School of Education, Carl Whithaus (primary advisor)
Research Interests: First-year composition, adjunct labor issues, language ideologies, professional development, digital literacies, contract grading, mentorship
BA in English, St. Lawrence University
MFA in Fiction, Emercon College 
PhD Candidate in Education, UC Davis
Teaching Experience:
  • Mt. Ida College (2002-2003)
  • Santa Clarita Community College (2005-2007)
  • Franklin Pierce College (2006-2007)
  • San Jose State University (2008-2012)
  • West Valley Community College (2008-2012)
  • University of San Francisco (2012-2015)
  • San Francisco State University (2012-present)
  • UC Davis (2015-present)
Why did you choose the DE in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition?
I think of myself as a writing instructor first and a researcher of writing second, so the DE made sense as a home for me. I think of myself as getting a degree is education and composition, which fits my profesisonal identity and personal interests. 

Diana Recouvreur

Diana Recouvreur.jpgStarted the program in 2012
Email Address:
Home Department: School of Education, Paul Heckman (primary advisor)
Research Interests: Dissertation work looks at Building Pathways in California's Corrections to Education Pipeline. Other research interests and work include: school discipline policies, school to prison pipeline issues, prison education policies, health (physical and mental) policies for the reentry population, and school climate. 
B.A. English, with Honors, UC Berkeley
Ph.D. Candidate in School Organization & Education Policy, School of Education, UC Davis (in progress)
Teaching Experience: 
  • Teaching Assistant, UC Davis
    • EDU 100 - Introduction to Schools (Spring 2013, Spring 2014)
    • EDU 115 - Educating Students with Disabilities (Winter 2014)
    • EDU 150 - Multicultural Education in a Sociopolitical Context (Fall 2013)
    • UWP: The Writing Ambassadors Program (2014-Present)
  • Tutor, Youth Policy Institute (Summer 2010)
  • Teach in Prison, UC Berkeley (Spring 2010)
Why did you choose the DE in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition?
Writing has always been an important component of my work, and is a critical part of my identity. This DE was a natural and perfect fit. 

Alex Rockey

Alex Rockey.jpgStarted the program in 2015
Email address:   
Home Department: School of Education, Carl Whithaus (primary advisor)
Research interests:
Ecology of feedback in an online course in the disciplines
B.A. English, UW Madison 
M.A. Education, UC Davis
Second Language Acquisition Certificate, UC Davis
Ph.D. Student in Education (in progress)
Teaching Experience:
  • Woodlond High School:
    • Secondary English instructor: English 9, English 10, Junior Literature and Composition, Strategic English, Puente 9, and Puente 10
  • UC Davis,
    • UWP 1Y
Why did you choose the DE in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition?
Excellent faculty support, research interests, and to be part of a graduate student community

Sergio Sanchez

Sanchez, Sergio.jpgStarted the program in 2015
Email Address:
Home Department: School of Education, Steven Z. Athanases (primary advisor)
Research Interests: Teachers’ self-efficacy on classroom drama; how teachers learn to use drama pedagogy; the pedagogical changes needed to make drama education relevant for California K-12 classrooms; Teacher Education; linguistically and diverse learners; Drama-based writing; Social Justice
Second Language Teaching, English - Teacher Training College, Reconquista, Argentina
Licenciatura: English as a Second Language - Universidad CAECE, Buenos Aires, Argentina
PhD in Education: dual DE Second Language Acquisition & WRaCS (in progress)
Teaching Experience:
  • Associate Instructor, School of Education (Summer 2017-present)
  • Teaching Assistant, School of Education (2015-present)     
  • English/Drama Teacher, Santa Fe, Argentina (2006-2013)
Why did you choose the DE in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition?
I am interested in learning about the intersection between crossdisciplinary drama and performance in the classroom, and how it is translated to student outcomes: argumentative writing and rhetoric. The DE has always supported me financially to present in national conferences such as the American Education Reserach Association (AERA), and Literacy Research Association (LRA).

Victoria White

victoriawhite.jpgStarted the program in 2010
Email Address:
Home Department: Comparative Literature
Research Interests: Early modern lyric, Petrarchism, theories of imitation, gendered voice, performativity, parody, early modern reception of Classical rhetoric, collaborative composition. 
B.A., Spanish; Whitworth University, Spokane, 2007
Teaching Experience:
  • UC Davis University Writing Program
    • UWP 11 (Popular Science and Technology Writing): Winter 2014 and 2015 
  • UC Davis Humanities Program
    • HUM 4D (Animals in Human Culture): Summer 2012
    • HUM 1 (How to be a Critic: Fashion): Fall 2014
  • UC Davis Comparative Literature Department
    • COM 1 (Major Books of Western Culture: The Ancient World): Fall 2013 and Winter 2014
    • COM 2 (Major Books of Western Culture: From the Middle Ages to the Enlightenmnet): Fall 2012, Winter, Spring and Summer 2013
    • COM 4 (Major Books of the Contemporary World: Utopia/Dystopia): Fall 2014
    • COM 5 (Fairy Tales, Fables, and Parables): Fall 2010 
    • COM 7 (Literature of Fantasy and the Supernatural): Winter and Spring 2011
    • COM 10B (Metamorphoses, Decameron, Arabian Nights, Canterbury Tales): Winter 2012
    • COM 10F (Cervantes, Lafayette, Fielding, Voltaire): Fall 2011
    • COM 10G (Machiavelli, Shakespeare, Lope de Vega, Moliere): Spring 2012
    • COM 110 (Hong Kong Cinema): Fall 2010

Stacy Wittstock

IMG_1612.jpgStarted the program in 2016
Email Address:
Home Department: School of Education, Cynthia Carter Ching (primary advisor)
Research Interests: Basic writing & writers, writing program administration, race, language, & writing assessment, language diversity & second language writers, composition pedagogy, peer review & response in writing classrooms, digital literacies, response to students’ writing, collaborative learning, sociocultural theories of learning, programmatic assessment, faculty development & instructional support
B.A., English and Music, Pacific Lutheran University (2010)
M.A., English, Washington State University (2013)
Ph.D., Education, UC Davis (in progress)
Teaching Experience:
  • Composition Instructor, Washington State University (2011-2016)
    • College Composition (FYC) (ENGL 101)
    • Research and Writing (ENGL 201)
    • Technical and Professional Writing (ENGL 402)
  • Teaching Assistant, UC Davis (2016-present)
    • Video Game Rhetorics (UWP 13)
    • Education Psychology (EDU 110)
  • Associate Instructor, UC Davis (2016-present)
    • Academic Literacies (UWP 1 and UWP 1Y--hybrid)
    • Writer's Workshop (UWP 1A) 
    • Practices in College Reading and Writing (UWP 7)
Why did you choose the DE in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition?
I chose to pursue the WRaCS DE because my of research interests in writing pedagogy, writing curriculum and assessment, and writing program administration, particularly for students deemed underprepared for college writing. When I was deciding where to go for my PhD, I chose UC Davis primarily because of the interdisciplinary structure of its graduate programs. The WRaCS DE is one manifestation of that interdisciplinarity and has allowed me to develop my skills in research methods through my classes in Education while applying those skills within the research area of writing studies.